2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet Fashion Report

The 2013 Golden Globe Awards was held Sunday, January 13th, in Beverly Hills, CA wherein lots of stars from the film, music, and TV industry came in droves. And whenever the stars gather, you know there's one thing that most of us look to first - fashion! We've got quite a few hits and misses this year, but it is fantastic how we got quite a showcase of colors from different stars.

Also, check out my picks for every color... See if we have the same picks!


Favorite: Katharine McPhee - Love the sexy vibe of this outfit - it was revealing but not tacky. Her hair also completed this look, don't think she could've styled it any better.


Favorite: Heidi Klum - This was tough. I was torn between Heidi and Amanda (that lace dress is gorgeous!). But I had to give Heidi props for making this dress look that good for a woman her age. I bet those in their 20s can only dream of pulling off this one!

Favorite: Jennifer Garner - I would've picked Zooey because that dress is amazing. But she got minus points for me for having a crumpled look on that dress. A little more polish and she could've been my pick. 

 Favorite: Jessica Alba - That color is divine! I also love Nicole's dress but the shade on Jessica's dress fits her skin tone perfectly.


Favorite: Megan Fox - From the hair, to the earrings, to the dress, to her makeup - she's perfectly stunning!
Worst Dressed

 I've had two picks for the worst dressed celebrities in this year's Golden Globe Awards: Kaley Cuoco and Sienna Miller. First off, I love Kaley but her make-up is horrendous. The dress might be salvaged, if only for its ill-fit, which makes it look so uncomfortable on her. But that make-up? There's no saving that! On the other hand, Sienna Miller's dress is just... let's just say I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them.

Who is your best-dressed female in this year's Golden Globe Awards?

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  1. Hi, its really nice dress, but i would like to buy churdar suits. Please suggest any suitable place to buy.

  2. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by some of the gowns at the Golden Globes, this year; some of them didn't feel particularly 'glamourous'! I really loved Kayley Cuoco's dress, but that lipstick was a little too dark for her, I have to admit. I thought Amanda Seyfried looked incredible, definitely! xx

    1. Yes! That dress is gorgeous :) Love it on her..

  3. In love with all this dresses :)



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