Life Lately: Instagram & Pinterest

What a week that was! Can you believe June is over? I can't either! This year has been quite a thrill for me... one surprise followed by another. Several opportunities came my way, too, that it is only fitting that I stop, reflect and be thankful for the days gone. Allow me to share with you my favorite memories recently as seen through my Instagram account (you can connect with me @abj_castro)

#1 - June started off with me receiving a lovely package from Persunmall. My order has arrived sooner than expected. And of course, I styled my new items as featured on this post

#2 - Celebrated my niece's 4th birthday. Kids grow up so fast! I can't believe she is 4 already!!

#3 - Yes, I do selfies now. Moving on...

#4 - Finally got my own shirt from Hiraya Minokawa. It is a custom made shirt from their dragon boat team and the boyf ordered a shirt for me, although technically these shirts are only for members of the team. I could only wish...

#5 - Pool time on a weekday is a priceless gift.

#6 - Finally got to visit my alma mater - University of the Philippines in Mindanao. 

Meanwhile, here are some inspiration and/or wisdom that I'd like to share with you. Pinterest is such an addictive place to be in. Seriously, I could spend hours to no end just pinning these lovely quotes. I hope these would enlighten your day. And oh, make my day too by following me on my Pinterest account here. Happy pinning!

...and lastly:

How's your week doing so far?



  1. What great pictures! Those inspiration quotes are totally perfect. Definitely making me feel stronger and more confident today!

  2. Just what most need during a stressful week- a little motivation!


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