Where to Eat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to eat. Food is my happy place. Whether dining out or cooking at home, I always enjoy food. Whenever I travel, I try to sample as many foodie spots as possible. From street food to gourmet restaurants, I am open to trying them all. During our travel to Siem Reap in Cambodia, we were able to try out quite a few foodie spots and I will list them here for you to check out on your visit one of these days.

Angkor Herb

If you are looking to sample local Khmer cuisine or the best grilled dishes in town, head to Angkor Herb. You will find this cozy spot along Pub Street. It is easy to distinguish this restaurant as they do have a grill station up front. We tried their Chicken Kebab, Pork and Beef Steaks and they were all delicious. The best part is that most of their grilled options are priced at no more than $3 each.

Angkor Cafe

This restaurant is easy to spot as it is located right in front of the entrance to the Angkor Wat temple. This is an international cuisine restaurant; hence, you and your group can share different dishes from across various cuisines. During our time there, we sampled their Korean dishes. We ordered two Korean meal seats for the five of us. It was a good deal especially given that the Korean dishes served to us were authentic.

Viva Mexicana

This was my favorite among all of the places we've dined in at Siem Reap! We happened to pass by this restaurant while walking around Pub Street one night. To be honest, I did not hold high expectations especially since it had an unassuming ambiance. But when the food was served, it was not only delicious but their serving sizes were also large! You can order a dish for $5 to $8 each.

Red Piano

When I was doing my research for the best places to eat in Siem Reap, or when we asked locals around for recommendations, there was one name that kept popping up: The Red Piano. We decided to give it a try for some late-night drinks and snacks. The Red Piano actually became popular because of Angelina Jolie. Word has it that this is where she dined while shooting the film Tomb Raider in Cambodia and she loved it so much that she raved about the place. Since then, tourists have become curious about The Red Piano. It didn't disappoint though, but I do wish we could have tried their other dishes. Definitely something to consider for a return trip!

Brown Coffee

This was my second favorite place to have dined in at Cambodia. I've been looking for a great coffee shop since we arrived in Cambodia and we discovered this place by chance aswe were driving around Siem Reap. The beautiful architectural details of the coffee shop was what caught our attention first. We decided to try it and was highly impressed with their selection of cakes and drinks. It is a bit pricey for Cambodia's standard (a slice of cake would require you to shell out $8 each) but the cakes were absolutely worth the extra dollar you spend.

Lucky Burger

This fast food joint is basically Cambodia's version of McDonald's. They have fried chicken meals, burgers and fries... the usual. We dined here while strolling and buying some groceries at the Lucky Mall. The quality is reasonable for its price - just as you would expect from a fast food restaurant.

Pub Street

When in Siem Reap, you have to go to Pub Street. This is the best place to be in if you want to eat or grab a drink and party the night away. I love the vibe here; lots of friendly locals and tourists. During the day, we usually visit tourist spots and then head back to our villa to rest and relax. By nighttime, we head to Pub Street to eat or get a massage. You can find a wide assortment of food here - from street food, to desserts, to all types of cuisines you could imagine!

Have you been to Siem Reap? What was your favorite place to eat at?


  1. great post and photos, the food looks yummy!


  2. These places must have good food. I love Asian food and seeing these photos makes me try these items locally when I am out for a fulfilling lunch or dinner.

  3. I see you have not just given details of the delicious food, but also the exact directions on how to locate the restaurant and the pricing aspects as well. This is really great for those looking out for decent eateries on their travel

  4. Oh wow everything here looks yummy! I want to try it all! Maybe I will get here soon

  5. I'm definitely certain I've walked passed Red Piano while in Siem Reap but never went in! Wish I had known it's a definite go to.. Oh well, next time.

    Hahah oh yes, Pub Street and the markets were my go to spots in Siem Reap. So many tasty options and the smoothies! Gosh, to die for...

  6. We love trying local fare, too! These look delicious and I can't get over the price!!! So inexpensive!!

  7. Oh my goodness the desserts at Brown Coffee look incredible! Great recommendations. Glad I'm currently eating noodles in front of my computer or I'd get absolutely starving looks at these!

  8. Everything looks so mouth-wateringly delicious, especially the desserts from the Brown Coffee! I just have a small doubt though. As I am a vegetarian, I would like to know how is the veg food scene at Siem Reap?

  9. There is such a diversity of food options in Siem Riep! I'm going to Cambodia for the first time in March and really looking forward to all the affordable & delicious food options there. Pub street looks like a blast too :)


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