Style Tips for Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings offer a feminine yet beautiful accessory to your outfit. By wearing one, it will turn a simple outfit into a luxurious one. You can find a variety of styles and gemstones used for making them, which makes it flexible no matter what your taste for style or the specific look you are aiming for. But wearing it can also be tricky. Here's a major problem for every fashion-conscious woman out there: how do you style it in such a way that you don’t seem overdone?

No need to feel intimidated by chandelier earrings. I had come up with various style ideas that you can use to make the look work.

Sexy Glamour

You can pick a glittery dress to go with your chandelier earrings. If possible, go with a dress with a basic cut to keep it from being too loud given the statement coming off of the earrings and the glitter from your dress. You can go with gold bangles, if you want, and a simple clutch to complete the ensemble. Black heels are the perfect way to top off this getup as you already have too much going on above and you would not want your shoes to add some more to that.
Chandelier - Sexy Glamour

City Casual

Believe it or not, chandelier earrings go well with shorts. If you can, you may even match the color of your earrings with the shorts for added dash of fash. For your top, keep it simple and basic because casual should still be comfortable, after all. Don’t forget to bring a leather tote bag and you’re good to go!
Chandelier Earrings - Shorts

Corporate Chic

Who says you can’t be corporate and chic at the same time? These pants would really work well with these chandelier earrings because they both evoke major style statement. A layered top will add volume to your upper body. But if you find it too colorful for your taste, you can always neutralize it with a blazer. But I totally dig the color combination going on here – dressing up for work has never been this fun!
Chic - Chandelier Earrings


Choose bold colors to wear for a formal or evening soiree to further accentuate the use of chandelier earrings. Classic pumps and a clutch is set to complete your look. If you want to go a step further, wearing cufflinks or bracelet is going to bring your fashion level up a notch. Make sure you bring cardigan or military jacket to warm up at night.
Chandelier - Formal/Evening

Casual Street Style

These mint jeans are a perfect compliment to these fashionable chandelier earrings. Meanwhile, a loose top and cute ballet flats help to bring out the casual vibe into this entire ensemble.

Casual - Chandelier Earrings

Casual - Chandelier Earrings by fashchroniclespr featuring stella mccartney

What is your favorite way to style chandelier earrings? Share your ideas in the comment section. 

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  1. Kudos to the person who designed the first pair of chandelier earrings. They're so beautiful!! + than you for this post, I'm going to the opera tomorrow so this will come in handy ^^

    Laura Elizabeth @ ☆ BunniBonBon ☆

    1. Thanks Laura! Glad you got some ideas from my styling tips :)

  2. I love this post, and every single outfit! Super fabulous and very inspiring!

    I am now following you, please do the same! :)

    Rachael xoxo

    1. Hi Rachael, awww. Thanks a lot! I followed you back :)


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