Tuesday Ten: Dressing Up For a Petite Body

It’s much easier to dress up and explore with fashion trends when you have the ideal body because almost anything you put on would look good. But what if you are petite? How can you wear those long skinny pants and make it work? Or can you? And wouldn’t it be awkward wearing sky-high pumps and heels? So many questions to ask but it is always more difficult when you have to deal with this dilemma every time you dress up.

This is a problem that I once dealt with because I, too, am petite. Here are ten things I’ve learned that I am hoping all the petite women out there can also use to their advantage:

1. Pick the right length. A common mistake that petite women make is to wear clothing that are a size bigger than they really are in order to create the illusion of being bigger. However, this could actually work against you. Take time to alter the hem or fit of your clothes after buying them to make sure it fits you perfectly.

2. Invest in pieces that elongate your shape. For example, a V-neck top is a fantastic way to create an optical illusion of being taller. It also makes your neck look taller and so it brings that same effect to the rest of your body. 

V-Neck Top

V-Neck Top by fashchroniclespr featuring v neck tops
3. Avoid wearing dresses that are below the knee in length. Doing so will cut your legs to make it short. Hence, it is best to opt for skirts or dresses that are above the knee but don’t make it too short so as to look crass or tacky.

4. Pick the right patterns. If you are going for a patterned dress or top, opt for the ones with smaller patterns so you can appear larger. Again, visual illusion at work here.

5. Wear high heels. Aside from the obvious addition to your height, it also creates the appearance of your legs being longer. 

6. Dark denim works best for petite women. This makes the legs look leaner or longer, the same effect brought on by wearing high heels.

Dark Denim

7. Show more skin. Wearing clothes that show off your skin is a great way to shift focus from your clothes to your skin, while also keeping the fabric from dominating you.

   8. Draw more attention to the upper part of your body by choosing tops that are patterned or striped. 

Patterns & Stripes

9. When buying pants, go for skinnies and straight cut jeans.

10. Research on brands that specialize in clothing for petite women. Make your life easy.

Got tips to add for petite women? Share them on the comments section. 

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  1. What a great post! The only thing I'd add is - I see a lot of my petite friends wearing capri pants that are loose/wide at the middle of the calf - effectively chopping their silhouette even further, rather than creating the lean look that you are striving for.

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  2. Amazing tips! very informative and helpful :D


  3. Super cute picks for Fall! Love your style! xx.


  4. Love your advice for dressing for petites!
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  11. love this post because I'm petite so it's great! i love wearing dark skinnies i think it does amazing things for a petite girl. great choice on that v neck peplum!

  12. great post ! im petite as well and this helped me alot , also if you
    a sec id love to hear your thought on my latest outfit post.


    1. Hi,

      Thanks a lot! I just checked out your post and I love the outfit :)


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