Five Bags Every Girl Must Have

Finding the right bag is essential for both fashion and function. Your choice of bag also speaks a lot about you. Hence, women feel the pressure of picking the right bag to go with their outfit without compromising on its function. But there is no need to hoard bags as all you need are five bags and you have something for any occasion or use.

Everday Bag

This bag is just that - ideal for everyday use and for every occasion. This is the most practical buy because it helps you keep looking stylish at work, while browsing the shops at the mall, or when having a dinner date with your man. For this reason, it is best to choose a bag that comes with a solid color (preferably a basic one) so you can pair it with anything and you're good to go.
Overnight Tote Bag 

This is another basic essential - a bag that is big enough to carry your basic stuffs for an impromptu overnight stay at a friends' house and yet chic enough to travel with style. Go for this blue leather tote bag from Bag Inc., priced only at $119.
 Clutch Bag

 This is the ideal bag for women who like to carry only the barest of essentials such as their makeup kit or phone. This is a great bag to use during daytime and also transitions well into the night.

Sweet and Spiky Studded Navy Blue Clutch, $37
 Cross Body Bag

The versatility and functionality of this bag is beyond belief. This is the perfect bag to use when you can get your hands full because you can simply place it across your chest and you won't have to worry about anything. At the same time, it does not look any less stylish, too.

Little Brown Postal Bag, $26.50
 Statement Bag

This type of bag is anything but classic. As the name implies, it creates a statement and leaves quite a lasting impression on others. Be careful when choosing a statement bag, though. You have to have the right attitude to wear them instead of the bag wearing you!

Melrose Glam Kellia Studded Leather Bag Black

Which is your bag must-have?

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  1. Couldnt agree more!!! Love the first 2!!!&

  2. Love them all! I will have one of each please:P haha!
    Great post hun...just have to go bag shopping now!
    A very Happy new year to u..
    Best, Zia

  3. Thank you so much for checking out my blog!
    I love your's too (especially that studded navy clutch you featured!). It'd be great if we could follow each other :)


  4. I completely agree with you! Each woman needs bags especially one of each from each category.
    By the way I love your blog! It's really well organized and states the facts and truth of course. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  5. I love the second brown one!!! So lovely!! I'm also looking for a new bag haha
    Just did a post on bags haha so weird check it out please!

  6. Love this article. I have just recently discovered my need for a more versatile purse closet and love that you narrowed it down to 5 MUST-HAVES.


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