Delicate Floral

The boyf complimented that I was the picture of summer and femininity when I wore this outfit to work one day. This is one of those dresses that I loved a lot when I recently bought it but then got over the infatuation phase and has been forgotten for a certain period of time. But I did some digging again and found it to be one of those precious few that I had neglected. I bought it for a summertime event that I attended but when I put on this mustard cardigan, it was good enough to be worn at the office.

Thus, this floral dress came in handy when I decided to don a girly ensemble one day. Don't you just love it when you wear something that suits your mood, looks chic, and feels comfortable, too? It certainly does feel like I struck the outfit jackpot when I donned this dress! And when it gets the boyf's approval, what else can I ask for?

Is my floral obsession sooo yesterday - or anyone else still donning floral?


  1. Very cute floral dress and you look adorable in them! Would be interested to see what shoes you wore with them.

  2. i'm still loving floral, too! Just because its fall doesn't mean we have to put away our flowers...right?! xoxo

  3. i'll never get tired of floral! that mustard cardigan is so gorgeous with this dress, perfect accent color!

    Alicia / River City Chic


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