Creative Manicure Ideas I Love

Good manicure can make or break an outfit. Call me high maintenance, but I always make sure that I have good nails to show off to an event or even during regular days. It is a finishing touch to any look. And yet, the right color or nail art can make your nails stand out. However, choosing a nail polish can be challenging at times as you feel the urge to go beyond the usual shades of reds or nudes. 

Hence, I've compiled a few manicure ideas that I am dying to try myself. If you, too, are in search of fun manicure ideas, I would like to share to you some of my finds (check the caption for links to the DIY tutorials):

DIY Velvet Manicure
DIY Acrylic Nails
Matte Neon Manicure
Simple Heart Manicure
Reverse French Manicure with Glitter
Multi-Colored Manicure

Are you loving any new nail/manicure trend? Pls share them, I'd love to check out! xo



  1. All so pretty! I recently discovered Jamberry Nails so I have been having fun playing with those- I have Easter Bunny ones on at the moment. My sister always does really creative nail art but I don't have the patience!

  2. That reverse mani with glitter is so fun!

  3. Ahh! I love all of them! So cute! I really need to go paint my nails now!

    xox Megan

  4. I just featured Matte polish on my blog today! Love it!
    Cheers and following,

    L A

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