Summer is More Fun in the Philippines

Since my first experience of travel, I have admittedly been bitten by the wanderlust bug. I believe this isn't applicable to me alone. The more you get to travel and see new places, the more compelled you are to see some more!

However, I made a point to explore my own country first before traveling abroad. And I can say with pride that there is so much to see and do in the Philippines. For the past five years, it is my goal to travel at least once a year or see a new place. It does not have to be far, but it should be somewhere I've never been to before. Come join me as I re-live my favorite travel memories!

10. Swimming and relaxation at Pearl Farm Resort. This trip took place on our 5th anniversary (almost three years ago) and was one of my favorites. The 1-hour boat ride going to Pearl Farm resort was worth the investment of time and money. We both had the day to ourselves enjoying in the beautiful view and amenities of the resort, munching on delectable buffet treats, and spending quality time together. I can't wait to be back here and for those traveling to Davao City for the first time, I suggest you include a tour here in your itinerary.

9. Meet-and-greet with my sports icon. A couple of years ago, I went to Manila for a short trip and decided to watch a live game of my favorite sports team. We got lucky with timing as it turned out to be a finals series! When we got to the coliseum on the actual game day, the line was ridiculously long! I got quite scared that we might not be able to buy a ticket. True enough, the lower box seats were already full so we had to go for the General Admissions section. Still, it was good enough of an experience for me to re-live throughout the rest of my life. If anything could top that, it would be seeing my favorite team win that night and of course, meeting my sports icon in person.

8. Seeing other UP campuses. The boyf and I both graduated from the same school. But more than the UP pride, we also relish the fact that this school was instrumental in us being able to meet (yes, we met back in college!). Whenever we go anywhere near a UP campus, a photo shoot with the Isko statue is a must!

7. Nature exploration at Eden Nature Park. Davao City has a lot of wonderful tourist attractions to offer that I feel so lucky we did not have to travel out of town to get to experience this nature trip. If you ever get to visit Eden Nature Park, don't forget to take the shuttle tour to see more of what this wonderful attraction has to offer.

6. Food trip in Cebu City. For me, travel and dining always goes hand in hand. As I had shared in my food blog, one of the best ways for me to get to know a city is through its food. Hence, I took time to sample as many restaurants or local food destinations in Cebu while I can.

5. Cooling off in Baguio. Here is another short but ultra memorable trip for me (and the boyf!). We got to travel to Baguio with his relatives and were quite excited about it as this was an impromptu trip. We got to visit a few sights such as the Mines View Park and Burnham Park, although we would love to see more! Definitely calls for a return trip there. 

4. Living the idyllic life in Bantayan Island, Cebu. If there is anything that I loved about Bantayan Island (besides its beautiful dainty beaches), it would have to be the idyllic lifestyle. It felt like I traveled to a foreign country that still feels quite familiar. The people were warm and they had this positive aura about them. It was definitely worth the long trip getting there.

3. Exploring the sights of Puerto Princesa City. I love Puerto Princesa. The city is beautiful in a lot of ways - the warmth of its people, the natural beauty, the rich culture and history, and so much more. I only spent four days in Puerto Princesa but it certainly felt like my second home. There wasn't a day that I did not dream of returning to this beautiful city since I got home.

2. Underground River tour in Palawan. The Underground River in Palawan was recently named as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Hence, I felt lucky to have the opportunity to see it first-hand. You cannot help but feel a certain level of awe looking at the rock formations inside the cave, especially knowing that it was carved by nature.

1. Boracay! Need I say more? Without a question, one of the most beautiful places I have been to so far. Its powder fine sand felt like heaven for a self-confessed beach bum like me. Meanwhile, the foodie in me was also rejoicing at the fact that there are plenty of restaurants and dining options to try here. These photos were taken during my first visit to Boracay, which I suspect will most certainly won't be my last.

Have you been to any of these locations? Please stay tuned as I continue to share my travel experiences with you here. Thanks! xo



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  2. Amazing pictures! :D And what a lovely weather :)

  3. Now you are totally giving me the wanderlust bug! I have never been to the Philippines, but I have always wanted to!

  4. Loved all your pictures!!! Cute sporty outfits. The food looked amazing. I am officially super hungry.

  5. It looks beautiful there! :) Love that summer hat with your sundress.

  6. Beautiful pictures - looks amazing! Thanks for stopping by SLS!


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  8. what beautiful photos..looks like a blast! Loving all your summery inspired beachy looks...waiting for the weather to be warm enough here!!!
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  9. How fun! Looks like a fantastic adventure---and you looked great doing it!


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