TBDress Tips: How to Shop for Elegant Evening Dresses

With party season on the horizon, it won't be long until you embark on a shopping spree for the best dresses to wear for holiday parties. At least I know I speak for myself in saying that it is an exciting time if you like buying glam dresses! But with so many options, it can be hard to pin down one particular style or color. Hence, I have collaborated with TBDress.com to offer another round of shopping tips for you, ladies!

When it doubt, go for an LBD! It is a timeless staple and a classic for a reason. You can never go wrong with an LBD. It is the epitome of simple elegance, which is also perfect for your holiday parties!

Avoid cartoon or whimsical prints. If you are going to attend a corporate or elegant party, it is best to stick with solid colored dresses or those with classical styles. A cartoon or whimsical print might get you noticed but it isn't the perfect choice for an elegant party.

Find the right dress type of your stature. It is completely fine to break out of the norm and try something that you don't normally wear. But if you want optimum styling effect, look for a dress that will complement your body shape naturally.

Check out some of these items I spotted at TBDress.com that would make for my ideal evening party outfit:

If you want to see more options for elegant evening dresses, make sure to browse at the website: http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Elegant-Evening-Dresses-5582/

What is your favorite style of dress to wear for holiday parties?


Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post. However, the opinion expressed are completely my own. 


  1. Love the black one with cut front!

  2. Great tips, thanks for sharing! I couldn't agree more with keeping it simple and classy!


  3. It looks so stylish! You have great taste!


  4. The perfect glamorous selection Abby!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. The first is my favorite. Visit my blog for a chance to WIN a pair of vintage sunglasses.

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  6. Such a nice and informative post! I always go for a LBD when in doubt, you can't really go wrong with it!


  7. such a pretty dress! xoxo


  8. Great dress picks, Abby! I love that first one shoulder dress. =)


    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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