TBDress Tips: How to Choose a Wedding Veil

Veils are an iconic accessory for any bride. Most modern brides go without it; but if you want to go for a traditional look, it is a must. Choosing wedding veils to wear is not so easy, though. There are a few guidelines to remember to ensure you can find the perfect fit for your dress.

Length. The length is one of the first few things to consider a veil to wear on your wedding day. Floor length or ballet veils are traditional and perfect for formal weddings. It is also very romantic when paired with a vintage-style dress. However, shorter veils are quite common in the modern days, especially for casual weddings.

Balance. You need to strive for balance when choosing a veil to complement your dress. If your dress is heavily embellished, go for simple veils. On the other hand, if you have a simple dress, you can go for embellished veils to make the statement look. 

Fabric. Budget is often the main factor that determines your decision on what type of fabric to use on your veil. Tulle is the most popular and budget-friendly, too. But pricier fabrics like satin or silk can have their benefits, such as being lighter and therefore have the ability to maintain their shape. 

Hairstyle. You should also think about what hairstyle you intend to wear on your wedding day and take that into account when shopping for veils. 

With this knowledge, you are now ready to shop for a wedding veil to pair with your dress. Here are just a few of my favorites online:

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Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post. However, the opinion expressed are my own. 


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  4. Great tips! The long one is gorgeous!

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  6. Thanks for the tips! I have been there myself and I know how overwhelming it could be without all the helpful information!:)



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