Blogger 101: How I Used Twitter to Grow My Blog


Twitter is one of my favorite places to "hang out" when I am not working on my blog. It is also the best place to promote my new or old posts due to the interactive nature of the website. Aside from being able to share your links or posts, you can discuss trending topics using hashtags, and also reach out to a wider audience that you probably haven't connected to before. The concept of using hashtags, specifically, started off on Twitter that makes it easier to interact with other users around the same topic. The use of hashtag became so popular that it has now been adapted by other social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

I do not have a major following on Twitter, although I have come a long way with almost 900 followers. If you want to follow me there, you can check it here

Here are some of the strategies I've used for growing my blog following with the help of Twitter:

I use hashtags when updating my tweets. This is important. Unless you have a huge Twitter following, you have to leverage hashtags for other Twitter users to see the content you're sharing. 

Research on the most relevant hashtags. The tip above will provide futile if you do not use the right hashtags. It is best to look around the website in search of the top hashtags that authority accounts are using. That way, you can use the same hashtags for when you update your tweets. 

Time your posts well. Just like any other social media sites, you need to know the best times to update your tweets. There are certain times within the day wherein people tend to check their social media accounts or are active on these sites. 

Introduce variety in your posts. When you keep tweeting posts with blog links, people will become disinterested in your feed. Try to vary it up by posting images or retweeting other interesting content you find on your own feed. The more varied your posts are, the more interested others will become because they do not know what to expect from you.

Connect with tweet sharing accounts. There are several Twitter accounts created mainly for sharing tweets focused on a particular niche. Make sure to connect with these accounts and mention them on your posts so you can get retweeted. The more retweets you can get, the higher the possibility of your posts gaining exposure on the site. 

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  1. Great post! Love your blog! X Minale

  2. Awesome ideas! Twitter is a great way to promote a blog :)

  3. Great ideas! I don't use Twitter to promote my posts although I feel like I should! Blah-I just hate updating on social media all of the time because I feel like I am being annoying! Anyway, thanks for the advice and maybe I'll give it more of a go :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  4. I used to use Twitter to help me when it came to sharing my post. It actually really helped, but I stopped because I have people from my high school following me on Twitter and I want my blog to be for a different crowd (weird, I know). Also, whenever I want to find new people to follow I just go on and hashtag #lbloggers #bbloggers and #fbloggers and I instantly get replys from people. Great tips!

  5. Thanks for the tips! I have to say that Twitter is one SM I just can't seem to get into. I'm on Insta all the time, I guess b/c I'm more of a visual person :) But I'll have to pay more attention - thanks!


  6. Great tips! Thanks for sharing

  7. such great tips! thanks for sharing!
    ~xo Jenn~

  8. Thanks for sharing these great tips! I don't use twitter enough and really should!

    Doused In Pink

  9. These are some great tips! I need to step up my twitter/hashtag game!

    xo, Michelle Paige

  10. Twitter is something I never really got the hang of. I used to use it to promote posts but noticed it didn't bring much traffic. Now I just use it as an extra way to share my IG photos. I do appreciate all the #FF love though, thanks girly!

  11. Enjoyed reading this helpful post. I will be back x


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