July Wishlist: Wedges & Chunky Sandals

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.'" Marilyn Monroe hit the nail in the head when she said these famous words. And I couldn't agree more. My perspective on shoes used to be a lot different. A few years back, I was intent on choosing footwear that offered maximum comfort and support. Nowadays, I have gone on a 1880-degree turn and is more daring about my shoe choices. I like to try out new trends like wearing ankle boots (even though that rarely ever happens with the hot tropical weather where I live) or wearing pointed toe pumps (hey, there blisters!). Oh, the sacrifices we make for fashion! But when it looks cute, it can't be that bad right?

This month, my search for the perfect bridal shoes has also opened up the urge to buy new types of shoes to add to my shoe wardrobe. I am looking at wedges and chunky heels in particular. Check out my online finds from Shein and The Shopping Bag below and shop what you like (I've included the links below): 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Wedges are a classic choice but I realized that I don't own too many of them. Moreover, the tan one from Shein is something that I've had my eye on for a while now. What do you think? Anyone tried buying shoes from them before? I'd love to hear your thoughts about their sizing. 



  1. Love chunky sandals, so comfortable to wear! x

  2. I love the fourth one!<3 One reason why I prefer wedges than other kinds of heels because they are easier to wear and it doesn't make my feet feel sore after hours of wearing it! Haha

    xo, Janine

  3. All these sandals are lovely! I especially love numbers two and six, they are the most perfect for casual wear and for evening wear too! Love your cute little blog :) xx

  4. Love them all!! <3 love two and four!!
    Chloe xx

  5. I love those strappy sandals!

  6. Great picks, love the first pair! :)

    Recently I have started as a guest designer for a famous bag brand and my first design of a belt bag is out! <3 I would love to hear what you think about it! :)
    Hope to see you soon on my blog
    Facebook :)

    Kisses from Zurich,

  7. I'm loving chunky sandals lately, great selection!!! ;) xo

  8. I can get ridiculously impractical about shoe choices lately, these are lovely.

    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  9. These are super cute options! I am all about the wedges this summer since they are so comfortable!



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