10 Party Dresses You'll Want to Shop

Party dress shopping is my favorite kind of shopping. It's one of rare times wherein you are allowed to throw practicality out the window and choose something that is bold, dramatic and fun! Glitters, sequins and long dresses... that is my kind of holiday dress. I make shopping easier for you with these picks from Shein and Mod & Soul

Copper Mini Dress / Embroidered Lace Cocktail Dress
Ruby Love Dress / Red Pleated Lace Dress
Velvet Cutout Dress / Space Out Sequin Dress
Green Maxi Dress / Wine Off Shoulder Maxi Dress
Lace Fringe Dress / Sequined Bodycon Dress

What is your kind of party/holiday dress?


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links; however, the items featured are my own picks. 


  1. Awesome collection here! Love all of them :)

  2. There is something so exciting about a beautiful party dress! These are all stunning.

  3. I love those red ones! Thanks for sharing.

    I found you at Sparkle and Slippers.


  4. Great choices! especially the ones with a bit of metallic or sparkle!



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