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Since we bought our wedding rings, I have very little idea on how to go about shopping for rings. But when we got to the comparison shopping, I was delighted to see the many options available these days. Even the days of diamond engagement rings are over. I have seen a lot of colorful gemstones when I glimpsed over the engagement ring section. Even my husband, then-boyfriend, even told me that he considered the idea of buying a ruby engagement ring for me. Although I did like the idea of having my own ruby ring, I still prefer the classic diamond engagement ring that I got. 

Whether you are shopping for a special occasion or you simply want to invest in quality rings, you will be delighted to hear about this new website that I have recently come to know. Markchic.com unique rings for women offer a design that would suit any style. 

Stone rings are what caught my eye most. I particularly loved the colorful collection of gemstone rings that range from subtle pastels to vibrant brights. There are even birth gemstones that you can select from to add a personal touch to your ring style. Here are some of my picks: 

Rose Crystal Inlaid Ring
Sapphire Ring
Crystal Decor Ring
Lover rings are for those couples who are looking to mark their relationship with an emblem, such as a ring. My husband and I's wedding rings are two tone silver and gold titanium rings with the band lined with titus. I've therefore picked a few two-tone designs for all couples out there looking for their own lover rings.
18k Gold Plating Bicolor Ring
Luxurious Diamante Titanium Steel Ring
Classical Contrast Color Ring
If you're all about the classic ring style, go for a sterling silver ring. Personally, I like my silver rings with modern accents such as a huge gemstone or a rose gold accent with the band surrounded with delicate gemstones to create a more feminine style. 
Shining 925 Sterling Silver Ring
Vogue Sterling Wedding Ring
Luxury Sterling Silver Ring

Which is your ideal ring style? Don't forget to stop by Markchic to find out about the latest ring styles.

Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post; however, the opinion expressed and items picked are my own. 


  1. Gorgeous rings! The last band is my fave!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. Wow, they have such pretty jewelry! I agree...as much as I love the look and idea of a colored gemstone, I'm more old fashioned and love the traditional diamond ring!
    Have a great long weekend

  3. Wow these are such fun rings. I should try them out :D

  4. Such beautiful jewelries.

  5. Ooh such beautiful rings, love the gemstones especially! I've really been into accessories lately, so looking at these pretties just made my heart happy :)


  6. Wow...those are all gorgeous! Time to up my jewelry game!


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