DIY Projects: How to Make Your Own Invitations


In case you didn't know, we did our own invites for our wedding! We did not want to scrimp on other services like the photographer, videographer and caterer. But with wedding invitations, we felt like it was something that we can take on by ourselves and come up with something creative so we can stick to our budget. With a little help from our creative friends, we managed to pull it through! In fact, many of our guests could not believe it when we told them that we did our own invites! 

If you have creative skills then you can certainly go for it, whether you are creating beautiful baby shower invitations for girls, kids or adults birthday invitations, or save the date cards - you will find the experience fun and extra special.

Set Your Budget 

Before you take on any project, it is important to determine your budget. This will impact various other aspects of your project such as choosing the type of paper you use, the extent of the design and the types of materials you use for decoration. 

Use a Basic Template 

You can use the internet to research on basic invite templates. You can use them as jump-off point for creating your own designs. Starting off with a pre-made template will make your job easier as you simply have to add in the specific details of the design you want.

Get Creative

This is the most fun yet trickiest part! It is easy to get carried away when decorating. Learn to practice design control such that you only add in what is necessary. A poorly designed invite is just as bad as an overly done invite. You must know how to evaluate your own work.

Thankfully, there are plenty of services these days that enable you to order pre-made or customized invitations online. This is a lifesaver for anyone like me who do not trust their own creative skills. All you have to do is select from several design options to suit the occasion and the theme. You can personalize the details and additional finishes to give it a personalized touch. It's the easiest way to achieve a professional-looking invite without the cost! 

Whatever your wedding theme is, you can find plenty of ideas for beautiful DIY wedding invitations. You can check out some of the designs you can make for different occasions below:

Baby Shower


Save the Date

Kids' Birthday

Have you tried online invitation print services before?

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  6. You've shared some lovely examples! :) We did our wedding invites ourselves too, we printed and cut and pasted them all, phew! Took a while but I was proud of the completed work in the end :)

    Hope you are having a great week :)

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