Celebrity Fash: Weekly Fave & Fail

Favorite Look of the Week

This week gave us some really fabulous appearances from stars like Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girls and Miranda Kerr attending the David Jones Amex Press Conference. However, these two ladies had to take the runner up trophy for now as Kate Hudson took the top spot for me. Kate attended the 2012 Venice Film Festival together with fiancĂ© Matthew Bellamy and co-stars for “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” wherein she took the crowd’s breath away in this stunner. Kate is wearing a shimmering nude Atelier Versace creation that is taken from the designer house’s Fall 2012 collection. An Edie Parker clutch, champagne-colored heels, and a classy updo completed her stunning ensemble. Now, I give you the chance to marvel at this beauty.

Fashion Faux Pax of the Week

This week wasn’t too stylish for Rihanna’s end, though. The “Where Have You Been” songstress was spotted out and about in London wearing a getup that I couldn’t quite make out exactly what she’s aiming for. I can’t get my grips on which is the worst part of her look – the black sheer dress, the green leather jacket, the over-the-top statement necklace, the hat, or the shoes? Apparently, there is too much going on in this pic that it's just painful to look at.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she wore another unsightly ensemble while still in London. This time out, she wore ripped denim shorts, and Kenzo shirt and hat. These different pieces might be fine individually, just not together. Rihanna might be trying to do a throwback to the vintage street style, but it isn’t working here, honey. Sorry.  

What do you think about this week’s favorite look and fashion faux pas? Dying to hear your comments below.

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*pics courtesy of JustJared.com


  1. love their outfits!
    I love your blog! Please check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other. I'm following you now!

  2. You know what ? I actually adore the last photo - it's a crappy quality snapshot but actually it's a really cute street look or maybe I've just been reading too many fashion blogs and going to a art school has done my head in :P The first Rihanna post I could really do without though - there is so much potential but so little magic in the result.



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