Fash Love: Gladiator Heels & Glittery Pumps

I’m in a shoe shopping craze lately and had been particularly stocking up my closet with heels and pumps. Of my recent purchases, I am obsessed with a couple of them: my new glitter nude pump and gladiator heels.

I wore the glitter nude pumps during my friend’s wedding in June, which I paired with a cute mustard dress (will be blogging about this ensemble soon!). I love the glitter detailing on the shoe because it brings forth a sense of elegance and sophistication, which makes it ideal to wear with an LBD, LWD, or any cocktail dress for an evening soiree.

Meanwhile, I am loving this gladiator heels that I got because, well, it’s chic and stylish. Plus, it’s comfortable to wear, too. I like pairing this with leggings or a casual dress. Nice way to incorporate some attitude into what would have been a basic look!

Which is your favorite of the two? Be sure to share your thoughts about your recent shoe obsession in the comments below.


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment, this is amazing, definitly following!
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  2. Hi abby! I actually like both of them but if i were just to choose one, i prefer the silver pumps coz i love glitters! Princess style! :) Keep more great posts coming! :)

    Kharyn of How to Do your own Manicure and Nail Art


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