Tuesday Ten: Style Inspirations from Lauren Conrad

It’s no secret that I adore Lauren Conrad’s style and fashion sensibilities. Hers is the only celebrity fashion that I think I can actually wear on the street, which makes trying to copy her different looks and styles even more fun.


For the past few years, I look to her for trends that I can use. If you would like to look as chic and fashionable as she is, here are some of the common style elements that have become associated with Lauren that I love.

1. Cat Eye

If there is anything I suck at, it would be putting on eye makeup. But the perfect winged eyeliner worn by Lauren all the time is a great way to wear simple makeup and still stand out. It’s a great way to draw more attention to the eyes, too.

2. Braids

Straight and curly tips are all too common hairstyles. If you really want to spice up your look, why not vary up your braids? Lauren seem to perfect this kind of hairstyle, which brings forth a look that is a cross between a Grecian goddess and boho chic. This is the perfect hairstyle when you’re wearing a sundress.

3. Wavy ‘Do

One reason why I always keep my hair long is that I want to curl it up from time to time. I love that long hair provides lots of opportunities to style it, and as per Lauren’s cue, why not wave it up?

4. Jackets/Cardigans

Layering your outfit is a tricky thing to pull off, but LC does it effortlessly chic! I had been meaning to purchase blazers to add into my current collection of cardigans to help incorporate various layers into my outfit. Look at how she makes it look oh-so-feminine!

5. Classic Pumps

When it comes to shoes, I might experiment from time to time but I always have basic pieces that I can pair with whatever. This is a style trick I learned and adapted from Lauren. After all, classic is still the way to go!

6. Belts

Like me, Lauren loves to wear dresses. And so cinching the waist with a belt is a fantastic way to bring more shape by highlighting the waist. But it’s not just for dresses though, this trick is perfect for oversized tops and other loose fabrics.


7. Shorts

Only Lauren can probably make shorts fit for the red carpet. With classic style details such as rolled up long sleeves or an 80’s wavy do, I love how she plays up with different styles of shorts to make them look elegant and sophisticated.


8. Skinny Jeans

No one rocks skinny pants on the street better than Lauren does. And I totally adore this kind of style statement. Pairing skinnies with a loose top and platform heels could not look any more stylish.

9. Get Dressy

Which girl doesn’t love a dress? I, personally, am obsessed with all kinds of dresses, especially short and floral ones (yes, you can check my closet for proof!). I love the fact that they’re comfortable to wear and ultra-feminine. It’s also one more excuse to show off your gams (ha!).


10. Oversized Tote Bags

This is the final element in a cute yet chic street style. If you’ve seen paparazzi photos of LC, then you might’ve noticed one fashion piece that is always there – a tote bag. Personally, I’m more into large tote bags for function than form. But if it looks fashionable too, then that’s a bonus! It is no doubt a closet must-have!

Which is your favorite fashion inspiration from Lauren? Be sure to chime in at the comments section and share your thoughts. xo


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