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Suits are a common sight in the men's fashion industry. There exists a norm that men in suits are well established and therefore women are more likely to be attracted to them. However, as fashion has evolved over the years, there is also an androgynous take in fashion such that a lot of women are seen wearing suits. Cheap suits available from websites like enable women to impress because it takes a bold woman to step out of the norm and dare to be different. 

However, there are two choices of fashion suits in the market: casual and active suits. The casual suit is commonly seen in the corporate world with a lot of women donning these suits (whether paired with a skirt or pants) to establish authority and respect. Indeed, it exudes a professional vibe to your look without compromising on comfort. Below are some casual suits that are guaranteed to turn a few heads. Whether you are heading to the office or a dinner date, you will be dressed for the occasion.

Meanwhile, active suits are preferred by women who are on-the-go or like to keep their lifestyle active. It gives an energetic vibe to your look and ensures maximum comfort every single time. See if you find any from my picks that you like:

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  1. I love these feminine suits, especially the pink one! I think they are better suited to men but fashion is meant to be fun, right? The casual looks are cute on women as well :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  2. I love the cobalt blue co-ord, so gorgeous! xx


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