MAC: Girl About Town

As a fan of lipstick, it is almost a crime to not own a MAC product on my kit. The opportunity came in perfectly with my search for the perfect blue based lipstick. And then came MAC Girl About Town...

This lipstick shade is made of blue based fuchsia that features an amplified cream finish. Depending on how many swatches you put on, it can range from medium to dark cool toned fuchsia. This makes it one of few universally-flattering fuchsias out there. Hence, the fuss around Girl About Town was well deserved as it is a classic shade, and we all love a classic, right?

without flash

The main thing I love about wearing Girl About Town, aside from the color, is the fact that it glides easily when you apply. And yet, it is not ultra glossy (which I despise). Instead, it comes with a semi-matte finish. Whether you like matte or glossy lipstick, you can get the best of both worlds here.

What is your favorite MAC shade?



  1. I LOVE Girl About Town! It's my favorite and I wear it all the time. If you like it, you should try out "Flat Out Fabulous." It's really really similar to it, but it's matte.

    This color looks gorgeous on you :)

    xo Azu

  2. Abby, that shade is PERFECT on you!! So pretty. Not at all overwhelming or crazy like some lipsticks can be. I'd hang on to that shade and ensure they never stop selling it!

    I actually don't own any MAC products as I don't wear much makeup although I know they're the best.

  3. Love that shade on you, so prettyyyy!!!

  4. This lipstick shade looks amazing on you. I have never try any MAC products out before. Maybe on day I will.

  5. This lipstick is everything on you!! Great find!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue


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