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I am going to spare you from the age-old cliche of blabbering about how "busy" life has been the past few weeks. But still, that wouldn't stop me from sharing a bit about that beautiful chaos that I found myself in because I feel like I owe it to you, my lovely readers. If you are already following me on Instagram, you might've even had a peek into some of these posts. But if not, feel free to do so to not miss a single post in the future. You can find me on Instagram here.

I had a slight (okay, major) case of OCD attack. I wanted to organize my closet to make it easier for me to find things to wear. I ended up spending at least half of my day organizing my clothes. I did not even realize I had that many things in my closet! It was exhausting but very therapeutic.

My friend, who I thought was staying here for good, decided to leave the country (again) for work. Insert sniff here. To celebrate before her departure, me and a few special and close friends enjoyed Brazilian barbecue for dinner. I couldn't think of a better way to spend it. 

The boyf got me hooked on tea. I have always been a coffee lover (and I still can't live without it). But I found a new love in tea. The strawberry and pomegranate one is my favorite. 

I do enjoy cooking a lot. However, the busy lifestyle just does not permit for me to do it as often as I would love to. But I decided to give it a go recently to prepare a healthy snack for our post-dinner meal. I was ecstatic when the boyf had a taste and was very pleased. It takes something as little as that to spark the passion again. I just stocked up on new pasta ingredients for me to experiment with a new dish. Also, I will be back to baking again. This particular recipe I shared on Instagram is a farfalle pasta with tomatoes, basil and sausage.

The last week of August was a great time for me! The boyf's parents were out of town for a vacation and I decided to stay over at his place over the weekend. It was a lovely time - all we did was cook, eat, watch movies, and repeat. His sister was in tow, too, so we had a fun but intimate bonding experience. And yes, he cooked his specialty grilled ribs that I am drooling over just thinking about right now.

I have been actively sharing SheInside products on my blog and social media. Since I first encountered them, I had been obsessed. Great selection of fashionable items at good prices. When I placed my second order, I was anxiously anticipating for those items because I made really good picks. When I finally got the items (albeit a lengthy wait), I can definitely say it was worth the wait. I can't wait for you to see me style these pieces :)

What are you up to recently? 



  1. All of this food looks delicious and is making me hungry! Can't wait to see how you style your new Sheinside pieces!


  2. Great pictures! Can't wait to see how you wear your SheInside picks! :D

  3. It sure is time consuming when reorganize are closet but it is sure fun. Finding items we forgot about.

  4. It definitely sounds like you have been busy. Organizing takes ages - but it always feels nice after it is over.

  5. Okay, those ribs look so tasty... You've got to give me the recipe!

    Rebecca @


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