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Did you find the hunt for the perfect wedding dress exhausting? Wait until you get to shopping for discount bridesmaid dresses. It is important to give this a lot of thought and attention because you want your bridesmaid to look their best. Even though it is your wedding and you have the final say in how your bridesmaids are supposed to look, it is also important to take the individual bridesmaids' style and personality into consideration in deciding what dress they ought to wear for the special event. 

There are two major options for styles when you are looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses online: short and full-length dresses. 

Short bridesmaid dresses offer a sassy and flirty look for your bridesmaids. This is a good option if your wedding theme is casual to semi-formal, such as a garden or beach wedding. There are also several fun styles of dresses to choose from: from floating chiffon frocks to blooming prints and sleek shifts! 

Long bridesmaid dresses are better suited for formal wedding because of the elegant and sophisticated look they give. It is also a flattering look for your bridesmaids, no matter what their size might be. A classic strapless, full-length dress is a flattering look for anyone. But if you don't like going too formal with this look for your bridesmaid, you can choose vibrant colors for your wedding motif. 

If you are particular about the wedding budget, however, full length dresses tend to be more expensive than short dresses. But if you do your research online, you should be able to find bridesmaid dresses under 100. If you're shopping for cheap bridesmaid dresses, you can use this link for a guide:

Which style do you prefer: short or full length bridesmaid dresses?



  1. cute dresses!

  2. beautiful dresses, Have a great weekend

  3. These dresses are stunning! I love long bridesmaids dresses personally!

  4. Thanks for the information! I am sure it will come handy sooner or later:)


  5. Gorgeous dresses! I actually prefer the shorter styles as I think they look more modern, even for more formal weddings. You featured a great selection here!


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  7. Great post! Finding very nice bridesmaid dresses is hard especially those that flatter the varied body types and styles of your bridal party.


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