Transitional Fall Looks by Julep

Even though we don't have fall here in the Philippines, that does not stop me from checking out fall trends and being inspired by them. I do like to pretend we have snow here so I can wear a trench coat or scarf to layer my outfit. Hence, I always grab at the opportunity whenever I can or when I feel a cool breeze come in once in a while. There is one thing that I undeniably love about fall, though - the rich and darker hues. You can see it on every fashion piece possible - coats, dresses, shoes, and even nails!

Hence, I was excited to put together a couple of fall looks from Julep's nail polish collection. Check out my favorite shades from their nail polish collection and the looks I was able to create from these inspirations.

Fall Look for Night

Julep Beverly Nail Polish / Black Bodycon Dress / Beige Long Sleeve Trench Coat / Black Suede Shoes

Fall Look for Day

Blue Slim Ripped Denim Pant | Red Lapel Long Sleeve Plaid Blouse | Beige Vintage Knit Scarf | Julep Brielle Nail Polish

Which of these fall looks do you like better? Any particular nail polish shade you like to wear more often in the cold season?



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