Minimal Fall Wardrobe Ideas

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The arrival of a new season signals a new take on fashion. For fall, you might be compelled to start stocking up on blanket scarves, cardigans and vests... but in reality, you don't need to buy new clothes all the time. You can get inspiration from minimal fall fashion ideas that I have included in this post to build your wardrobe on minimalist fashion principles. It's easier than you think! I have included some pieces from Amii, one of the fashion designers featured on StyleWe, so you can get visual inspiration using their pieces to create your own minimal fall style.

Choose solid colors and classic patterns. To re-create the essence of fall in your outfit, stick to color palettes and patterns that are often associated with fall. For example, black, grey and wine red hues are great to build up on your wardrobe from. When it comes to patterns, plaids and stripes can be easy to mix and match with your other favorite pieces in your closet. 

Choose fabric wisely. The type of fabric you wear for fall is also crucial to creating a minimalist style. Knit and wool are two of the best types of fabric with which you should invest in. You can wear a knit dress or sweater and pair it with denim pants or other pieces from your closet to bring the essence of fall to your look. Staying cozy and chic is no rocket science!

Comfort is key. The main principle behind minimalist fall fashion is all about the comfort. You need to find the right fabric and length on your pieces to stay warm, especially when the breeze starts to get chilly. Hence, you need to start thinking about the length of your pieces and if you'd be able to get through your day with that.

If you would like more tips on fall fashion, you can visit StyleWe's blog. To find more minimalist pieces from Amii and other independent fashion designers featured on their website, visit here:

How do you do minimalist fall style?


  1. These are really great tips.

  2. Great tips!!Sticking with one color palette really helps

  3. Great tips. One of my go to items for fall are solid long sleeve tops. Have a great weekend.

  4. These are great tips for choosing pieces for fall. I agree that classic patterns are a must in fall.


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