Transitional Style: Red Flare Dress

While I do love summer and warm weather, the idea of the -ber months bring a new level of excitement. In the Philippines, we are anticipating the Christmas season as early as September. Last year, I incessantly (yes I am aware of that) talked about how excited I am about spending our first holiday season at our new home. This year, I still feel that same level of excitement. But I also have a December trip coming up to a tropical island. So while my mind is set on getting ready for the colder months ahead, I can't just shake off the idea of buying summer dresses just yet. The perfect compromise to that is to buy transitional dresses that can be easily styled depending on the weather. A red flare dress fits that bill for me.

Shop my picks for transitional dresses below...
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I've always loved to wear bright colors for summer; hence, red is a no-brainer for me. But at the same time, red has a sense of warmth to it, which also makes it an ideal choice for the colder months. By opting for fit and flare dresses that are easy to dress up or down, you can have a piece that can be styled for different seasons.

With the picks above, you can easily transition them by changing the shoe options and adding layers. For example, you can wear these dresses with wedge sandals or strappy sandals for the warm weather. If it's cold, you can layer with a jacket or cardigan, and then toss in some ankle booties into the mix!

What is your go-to style for transitional dresses?

xo, Abby


  1. Love the 3 and 4! Very pretty! Flare dresses really are so pretty and feminine...

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  2. I love short flare dresses, nice post!

  3. I saw a lot of red at the new collections. Totall red outfits! It looks very good.


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