OOTD: Gym-aholic

Going to the gym is one of the most painful yet rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life… so far. I could not imagine my daily routine without it anymore. Anyway, my workout ensemble is pretty basic – comfy and allows free range of motion. As soon as I step out of the gym, though, it’s back to my usual wannabe fashionista self. Ha!

Here I am after one of my gym sessions. As much as I loathe those that take photos of themselves at the gym, I had to excuse myself because I needed to showcase how I styled my fave gladiator heels and new (aka shorter) locks! (PS: You can tell it’s an impromptu photoshoot because I had to take my own photo using my camera phone. Lol)

 For added dash of chic, I opted to wear my gladiator heels to pair with my red and white striped blouse and skinny jeans. As always, accessories are kept to a minimum with my red stud earrings from Love Diva and turquoise bracelet that I got from GMall. 

What do you think about this look? I’m kinda digging it, haha. Check back soon for other chic everyday ensembles


  1. adore the shoes!!!
    we are following back!;)


    1. thank you! I visit your blog everyday. Thanks for the follow back xo

  2. cute shoes!

    following your blog! Would love for you to follow back (:


    1. Hi Jayne! I just dropped by your blog and followed :) Hope to see you around here more often! xo


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