Trend I Love: Tassel Sandals

Tassel sandals or fringe sandals - whatever you call it, you know it's cute. It also adds that "little something" to your summer outfit. If there is one season wherein footwear is a crucial element of your outfit, that is most evident in the summer time. The combination of the chic-ness of the strappy sandals with quirkiness of the tassel/fringe details encompass what my ideal summer style is. It should look effortless but fun and festive! If you haven't started your summer shoe shopping yet, here are some that you should add to your closet:

Black Tassel Tie Sandals / Black Lace Up Espadrille with Tassels / Tribal Inspired Tassel Sandals
Nude Suede Tassel Sandals / Boho Camel Thong Sandals / Cute Taupe Sandals
Thaikilia Gold Wrap Sandals / Keely Blue Lace Up Sandals / Schtuz Flatform Sandals

What is your footwear of choice for spring/summer?

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  1. Tassel sandals are so fun! I love the black ones you picked!

  2. These are all so cute and definitely something I need to add to my wish list! Thanks for sharing :).

    Trendy & Tidy


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